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Buy and sell clothes, jewelry, art, fashion, and home decor products • Tictail. Collage art, New York City. The importance of a coat in the closet male. If there is a time that is unmistakably elegant, without a shadow of a doubt, it is this that we live, the transition from autumn to winter. And that privilege of having distinct seasons allows us to make an interesting mix in our wardrobe, which can go from a old jeans with the t-shirt that already became a kind of sacred object or sends (but that your wife wants to throw away), to the sophisticated coat. Never touch the needles of the clock. Casablanca 1942 Casablanca Movie Ingrid Bergman Humphrey Bogart. Watch The 33 2015 Online Spanish Latino and Subtitled HD. THE RIVERS 2-15. CYAN MAGENTA YELLOW BLACK. Download The Transporter Refueled (2015) Movies. CITY A2. Increases the hustle and bustle for the start of classes. QUEVEDO. time read 15 min. SUNDAY 03 MAY 2015 The Hour THE ROS. Visit the Official Montblanc website to discover the timeless beauty of Montblanc watches, writing instruments, jewellery, leather goods, fragrance and eyewear. Ingrid Bergman WikipediaEn a quick definition, the coat is according to some dictionaries, a jacket male long, with heavy cloth used to put over the clothing on the coldest days and whose purpose, supposedly, is the height of the calf. For me it is one of the garments most beautiful of the closet, masculine, a key part, for example, in the character of Sherlock Homes. Ingmar Bergman. Welcome. Humphrey Bogart is Rick and Ingrid Bergman is Ilsa in Casablanca. Drama, Romance, Drama romanticist, World War II, africa, Nazism, Propaganda, 1942, casablanca. I dare say, even the most simple jackets have their charm. It is a fashionable choice for sophisticated and elegant look that surpasses a casual jacket. In addition it is dynamic, since you can use it on the street and remove it upon entering any closed environment. Many use just a simple shirt underneath the coat, so you will not suffer with the cold nor the heat. It is difficult to know precisely the origin of the coat. One of the theories that is known is that in the NINETEENTH century the clothing predominant in England was the jacket, which derived from the old suit of mount English. The colors were dark, black and gray, while the fabrics were made of alpaca or wool. With time, the jacket lost the wings and then came the coat. At first, it was a garment exclusively for men. Isotta RosselliniReloj De Ingrid Bergman (2015) Hd Con the time, it was adapted for the wardrobe of a female. The variation known from the coat of the feminine is the trech - coat, that emerged in the First World War. Made in gabardine, were ideal to face the cold and the rain. A beautiful example of such a garment can be seen in the classic film Casablanca with the actors Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. The trech - coat could be adapted for the evening with a fabric of satin. For a long time, the coats have been made with a mold straight, the more classic style. This cut can be seen in various Hollywood movies. Watch Circus Kane (2017) Movie Torrent. But the stylists are breaking that and betting on a cut more fitted to the body, marking the waist and creating a different style of measurement of each person. And santiaguinos are increasingly following this change. At this time, many call me to make or grant a lease of their coats. Men still insist on the classic black, brown and beige. Women dare with stronger colors, such as red and details of animal skin synthetic. Seems to be a simple piece of use without a lot of rules. And, indeed it is, but it is good to take some care in pulling out his coat from the closet. Cotton and denim are more suitable for the day. A good tactic is to flip the collar up to give it a more sophisticated and mysterious. It can also be used on occasions ranging from work to moments of pleasure. The day also allows that it can be combined with jeans, t-shirt and basic leather slipper, which offers a more casual look. For the night, in addition to the classic black, it gives to risking it with a cloth more daring as leather, delivering an image stripped away that gives you the freedom to go to either a restaurant or the cinema or theatre. Interesting is also the combination with moon and tie on a plaid shirt that gives a visual aspect sophisticated and stylish.