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The film mixes the genre of the antihroes, the films of the action of the 90's, and reality shows. Follow the egocntrico and rich filmmaker Mike Hanover (Jas. ZMyZFM/UzNrzOB28XI/AAAAAAAAAHo/UN766GuJ6mQ/w1200-h630-p-k-no-nu/metegol.png' alt='Ver Películas Gratis En Línea Empapado En Lejía (2015) ' title='Ver Películas Gratis En Línea Empapado En Lejía (2015) ' />Una young man who was about to marry star your car deliberately in a deserted road, trying to run away from a killer charming that turns out to be a true predator, When their plan goes wrong and becomes trapped in his vehicle dump, defends itself as it can against the terrifying psychopath... This young woman's life is in danger and there is nobody who can save her. Re. Pro. Pelis). Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci - Fi, Superheroes. Ant - Man: Man To Ant 2. 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For the last time, Mills need to use his particular skill with weapons, to find the real killers, to demand justice and protect the only thing that matters now, his little daughter barely 3 years of age. Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Romance, Sci - Fi, Sequel, Thriller. The series Divergent: Insurgent 2. Only one option can transform you or it can destroy you, but it always has consequences. With the wave of unrest in the different factions, Tris must make sure you protect those he loves, as he faces troubling questions about guilt, forgiveness, identity, loyalty, politics and love. The day of the initiation of Tris should have been a celebration of the faction chosen, instead, the day ended with a huge problem. The conflict between the factions intensifies, and the ideologies they face. There will be a lot of struggles to face the problems in an intelligent way. In times of war, elected leaders and the secrets emerges, every decision has major consequences more powerful. Intrigue, Thriller. Cop Car (police Car) 2. Two young eight-year-old found a police car abandoned with the keys in the ignition and learn to drive it to be able to get out of the place where they were. The guns and the police cordon toys for Travis and Harrison until a corrupt policeman who did not know how to do their job well to claim the vehicle, which had carried a corpse to which he had murdered, all for money. Thus begins the macabre persecution in which the two young men try to flee, putting their lives at risk with the hope of returning home safe and sound. Drama, Historical. Lluís Companys, president of the Generalitat in exile, is transferred and imprisoned in the Castle of Montjuïc, waiting to be judged. Franco's authorities accuse him of promoting the murder of the innocent, and of crimes of rebellion against the State. Companys, collapsed, waiting for death, convinced that this trial will be a fallacy, and his sentence, a mere formality which were a long time in being resolved. Comedy, Crime, Thriller. Killers innocent 2. The plot tells the story of Francisco Garralda, a young college student who committed multiple errors, and looking in a personal situation very compromised by the non-compression of their family, get an offer: kill Espinosa, professor of psychology, a guy who had to pay bills with a band of criminals that this, headed by a colleague. What makes the commission unique is that the same professor is the one who offers to his student this way out of the predicament that asphyxiates him. The life of this poor young man completely changes because you have to stain your hands with blood to be able to end with the serious problem that affects them. Action, martial Arts, Drama. Nie yin niang (The Assassin) 2. China, NINTH century. 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