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THE IMAGE OF THE WOMAN IN THE FILM in SPANISH SINCE 1940 INTRODUCTION Presentation: we Present here a work done. In 1989 estren film Batman, directed by Tim Burton and starring Michael Keaton. The adaptation logr raise a considerable amount of. Consciousness is not a fenmeno all-or-nothing, but that there are various levels of consciousness. And the transition countries of the unconsciousness to the consciousness is not. Selection of cmicos national, that we do or have done to take the life with humor. Vote for the ms I like. Ranking of COMEDIANS SPANISH Lists in 2. María de los Ángeles López Segovia, artistic name is Lina Morgan, Madrid, 2. He was born on the 2. The Spanish civil war. The daughter of Emilio Lopez, a tailor, and Julia Segovi. Tuvo four brothers, all deceased: July, Emilio, Julia, and José Luis. In its beginnings it was called Angelines Segovia, and studied the primary school in the street San marco which belonged to the municipality of the city. Later, he studied at the School of the street Pelayo, Pilar López, and in the School Miss Karen Taff, in Arenal street. See Fist Fight (2017) Online. He made his first festival playing the number of “The Antequerano” and it was in the Theater Film Projections. One day a lord, Pepe Out, was looking for people for the first training of the company “The Chavalillos of Spain” at the academy of Miss Karen. He joined the company. He was twelve years old and made his debut in Christmas 1. Teatro Pérez Galdós Canary islands. That show was titled “In search of a Million,” and followed him “Carnations 1. Burning (2015) Movie Photo. Fuencarral and The Latin, “glorious Technicolor” (teatro Fuencarral), and the “Solera Vieja” (teatro Fuencarral) and turn left to the magazine “Step-by-Youth”. Until one day Angelines became a woman and it is not known whether this had to do or not, but soon the company decided to dispense with it. From that training came artists such as Antonio Molina, Mercedes Matos, Caracolillo de Cádiz, Marisol Reyes and the brothers Wattle: Nugget and Manuel, who during these years was the boyfriend of the artist. Your first boyfriend. Nothing happened and with the help of his sister, who at the time was a dancer in a ballroom and by forging a few papers because I was too young, she worked as a soloist dancing in the Grill of The Rex in a show titled “The Can - Can to Mambo”. Was in 1. 95. 2. But he also had to leave the company because they learned that he had faked his age and was not able to go out with them for a tour to Greece and Italy. In that company were his sister Julia and a friend of Esperanza Roy. The first time you enter in the rows of the Shows Colsada was on October 1. The Copla Andaluza” with Rafael Farina, was in the Teatro Victoria in Barcelona. December 3 1. Company Colsada that lead to the súpervedette Maruja Tomas and Alfonso Del Real in a show from the creators of “Double White” and that was titled ¡Espabíleme you to the Guy At the Teatro Ruzafa of Valencia. The month happened to be a model. From there they went to the Theatre La Latina, Madrid. In the tour, when they were acting in the Teatro Circo de Orihuela (Alicante) the third vedette, Star Aparicio, suffered an accident a couple of hours before her debut and she has her step when Alfonso Del Real, director of the same, was looking for a replacement. In the beginning Of the Real doubt but trusted Angelines Segovia played his first important role and outstanding. Very little hard to the sweet and he would soon go back to the last few rows of the girls Colsada. It was in this company nearly two years. Touring the whole of Spain. Titles like: “Cyril you're in the air ”, “Double White”, “¡Ki - ki - ri - ki ”, “Ann Mary”, “Oh, that threesome”, “Sirens of Apollo”, “Secret Stadium”, “My father... Your father... Your father...”, “My two husbands” among many other music magazines in the company of Colsada. With cabaret stars as the German On Bora or the Spanish Grace Empire and with actors as Alfonso Del Real, Luis Cuenca, Luis Barbero, Pedrito Pena... Not until 1. Colsada begins to set in it and offers to replace Mercedes Llofriu, was the second star of a major and triumphant and international show, “Women and Goddesses” with the súpervedette Marisol Clemens and with the first actor and director, Adrian Ortega, and in which he made his debut as Lina Morgan. Stage name they choose her and her brother José Luis, who chose Lina because it is dsiminutivo of his name and Morgan because it sounded to banking, and because they were fans of the Pirate Morgan. With this company he made his debut as one of the very first vedettes of the company. After, “Beldades... Teatro Albéniz of Madrid in 1. After this great step in the ranks of the magazine, pass a test for a show in tribute to Francisco Alonso and Jacinto Guerrero, José Muñoz Román riding. It was in Martin, and you happen to interpret that famous “Pichi” of “The Leandras”, who played masterfully by Celia Gámez. Lina was hired as the first vedette. He debuted the 1. June 1. Teatro Alcázar in Madrid, and titled “A Matraco in New York.” A day of the premiere did the “Pichi” to your style disobeying the Maestro. Muñoz Román that is set up in the style of Celia Gámez. That night he gets his first and sonorous triumph. The public requested that bisara the number up to three times, and from this same moment is born a new star. With this company, which fronted the súpervedette Maruja Boldova, and Manuel Gomez - Bur, premiered on the 8th of August 1. The Diabolical”. As it was to make up for the summer season, Lina joined the company of Manuel Step that represented in the provinces, “The train of happiness”, by substituting for Gloria May. This time he plays their style the role of a girl achieving a personal triumph. February 2 1. Manuel Step and with súpervedette Italian Isabelle a new show: “Madame frivolity”. Re-assemble the taco, this time playing a character of the comic “Tom thumb” .... Petra-maid for everything”. A sound of triumph in the Fuencarral in Madrid. Lina Morgan was finding its place in the world of the magazine and begins to work for companies of the first male figures of that genre, and as a first vedette or Special Collaboration. Turned into a star comic popular debuts with the company of Angel Andrew the magazine “The cat jealous”, with the súpervedette argentina Pearl Crystal, which opens the 1. January 1. 96. 0 in the teatro Maravillas and go after Calderon. Working on a show arrevistado with Miguel Gila in the Teatro Eslava for a few weeks, on June 1.