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PREMIERES TODAY PELICULAS ONLINE SERIES AND IN HDATENCIÓN We are updating and adding new films, if you do not appear the subtitles press the CC button that is on the players, you can increase or decrease the video quality (Depending on your internet connection) with the button HD. I have the house without the scriptures. Although becoming less frequent, there are still many areas of Spain in which people are owners of their property without the backing of a deed or the registration of the property, and they enter in, concerned in my office because they have the “home sinescriturar”, however as we will see a house without scripture is not a problem, and above all, that “problem” has a solution. The first thing I do is tranquilizarles, and ask them how long they have those goods; being that almost always the answer can be traced back many years; the next thing I explain is that the problem is not to have the house without the scriptures, but do not have the house. What if in years, no one has sued for what you think you are going to do now Always tell those people that is not the same as making a will, the deed to your house. Imagine a movie; the end is not the same. Do or do not testament, I can guarantee that you'll end up dying; however do or not the deed to your home does not have to sue you, it is more: the more you advance in time the more you come closer to your death; however, the more time you have a thing in your power, not only there are more chances that no-one demands a thing, but you have more possibilities that your property is unquestionably yours (because in the end you will acquire by prescription). How do you acquire your house or farm First of all your house or your farm the adquierespor a legal business (usually the sale or inheritance) is that business, and not the manner in which you have documented the business, which makes the house or the farm is yours. The public deed and the registration in the Property Registry, protect you (especially third party), are highly recommended, and all that you want (what you are going to say a Notary) but will not make the house or the farm will be yours, but they serve to prove it (more or less). Only if you have acquired by donation, the writing is essential (as it is null and void the donation of property made in a private document), and only if you are the mortgagee is essential for the Registration of the Property. In all other cases, you purchase in the time in which you agree with the or the previous owners, the transmission of the property, but not at the time of the writing (except that anything you have agreed with the owner until then, or tell me otherwise in writing), but never buy when the deed is recorded in the Registry of the Property (by the way, that the Registration of the Property validates your property, makes your domain unassailable, enshrines your right and nonsense by style, they are simple to marketing campaigns without any legal basis whatsoever). Why have the deed to your home or your estate, As I explain, the reason that should move you to do a deed is not to acquire anything, but to be able to be more protected. We all know the saying, “words are gone with the wind”, and there is nothing more fragile than the human memory (if you don't believe what you've noticed that we always say that we do not remember a winter with so much cold or summer heat ). With the writing, what do the parties is to leave a written record of their words, but also the drafting is done by a Notary, who is a legal practitioner and therefore is responsible for these words are suited to the legality, checks the validity of the business, and advises free of charge to the parties (in addition to guaranteeing their identity and capacity, among other things). The cost of all of this is ridiculous if you compare it with the cost of money and time that supposed to have to prove in court everything you say you will, years ago (not to say that you might not remember what you did), but the writing simply facilitates the testing and ensure the validity of the business. Nothing prevents the business to be valid even if no writing, the only thing that happens is that unless you are a legal practitioner you'll have to advise and that advice is more expensive than the Notary (in fact I recommend that in spite of all you go to a lawyer; since the Notary represents the interests of both parties, whereas a lawyer will advocate for only your interests, and although it may seem the difference is very important- ). Psp Ipod Movies In 5 Tranches (2015). The Voice in the Desert is a faith-based community in Chula Vista that believes in strong communities where people help each other. PES 2018 is the bet of Konami in the field of simulacin sport of football for the season 2017-2018. The video game features in this ocasin. Save playing, and look of the freemiums free-to-Play, free to try, Freemium, Premium: the jungle of the denominations. In the. Nada prevents that you can try out the business by other means, but remember that it is uncommon to lose the documents, and that before or after people die, so they may, as necessary, the other parties or the witnesses have died. The date of the deed is irrefutable, so that makes it easy for you to test when it held the business, and in addition to the Notary keeps the original and gives only copies, so that you protect against counterfeits. The faith exercised by the Notary reaches the identity and capacity of the parties, so that: that is not my signature, I didn't know what I signed, they forced me to sign, I do not remember to have signed etc, are things that can hardly be invoked before a write, and if it is alleged in the private papers (which is expensive and lengthens the litigation). Finally, if there are still outstanding obligations to comply with, the writing is an enforceable title (and the private document is not). Download Divx Unfriended Ver2 (2015) Full Lenght'>Download Divx Unfriended Ver2 (2015) Full Lenght. In this post I'll explain more in detail why is not good idea to sign private documents of sale. Why record the deed to your home or your estate in the Property Register, The write is protected by the secrecy of the protocol, and only the parties know of their existence and content. The Registration of the Property lets everyone know that your house is yours. It also causes that in the event that you transmitted to you, keep the “happy idea” to transmit to another, this second buyer has no protection in the legal system, while also giving insight into your property you provide to the work of your creditors (if they want embargarte). Another consequence is that when to know all your property, no one can bother seizing your property for debt from whom you got it.