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House Creation and Charisma Media involved in missionary work in Mexico. Lake Mary, Florida (July 14, 2017) As part of their contribution to the missions. Follow in real time the expected fight of the UFC 202 between McGregor and Nate Daz. Video: so killed in a fight for the champion, Russian weightlifting. Sun. com. ar. This is Andrei Drachev, who was killed in a fight, street by Anvar Zinárov, expert in martial arts. The world champion of powerlifting, the Russian Andrei Drachev, was killed in a fight in the city of Khabarovsk, in the Russian Far East, reported local media. The cameras placed in the street where they had the fight recorded in detail the confrontation between Drachev and his opponent, the media of Khabarovsk identified as Anvar Zinárov, an Azerbaijani, 2. According to eyewitnesses, Drachev, 3. Zinárov in a café, after which the two decided to go out to the street and settle their differences in a fight. As you can see in the recording, in spite of having a size much smaller, Zinárov dodged his rival and knocked out of a kick in the head. When Drachev tried to join, the Azerbaijani fired first kick in the face and then four more punches that turned out to be fatal. The champion died in the hospital of the blows received, while the murderer fled from the scene and is now wanted by the police. Drachev is the second elite athlete Russian is killed in a fight in the last three weeks. Cult Horror Movies, The Son Of Saul (2015)'>Cult Horror Movies, The Son Of Saul (2015). The champion of the world powerlifting, the Russian Andri Drachev, was killed in a fight in the city of Khabarovsk, in the Far East. Divx Ipod Florence Foster Jenkins (2016). The past 2. July 9, ran the same fate Yury Vlasko, two times champion of Europe in wrestling in the youth category, whose body was found in lake Baikal with numerous stab wounds in the neck and head.