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I want you to clarify one thing: this is not to feel alone that to be alone. If you plantaras in the middle of a city and the entire world around you were in. And to say that dogmticamente (the “inertia clumsy service” or what “is a fact, not an opinion”) I guess that gives you the reason to you automatically. Of course man, and the united states does not control the network of networks -where they have gone viralizando the reactionary movements against the repression - like that comes. Recopilacin with the best information technology,science and the Internet in Spanish. Lo that a complete remission of Multiple Sclerosis teaches us about cancer and all chronic diseases. This article has two objectives: The first is to provide a firm hope, even patients in an advanced stage of the disease. We will not use the word cure but to control or remission. Healing is too manipulative and does not allow to understand the complexity of what we face. I know that you hope to dry, based only on a leap of faith, is not enough: the baseless hope is extraordinarily dangerous, although it is much more the poison of resignation and impotence, that comes from the ignorance and uncertainty. The hope of which I speak is not based on false promises, but in tests, scientific studies, and real-life testimonies of alleged ‘anomalies’ (also called, with some contempt ‘cases, it works for me’): thousands of people around the world that have beat the disease using its own knowledge and will, despite the grim prognosis of doctors, through the implementation of measures that are, in all cases, very similar. The second goal is to lay a theoretical basis which, along with the previous articles concerning the ketogenic diet and the Warburg effect, will allow me to describe, in successive articles, combined strategies of concrete actions, it is eminently practical and based on science, and that may be used by any patient without more weapons than their will. We know, in the first place, the case of a complete remission of multiple sclerosis and, after, we will explain what consequences we can draw from its history, to address the treatment of cancer and any chronic disease. Enter Terry Wahls. Terry Wahls is a canadian physician who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in the year 2. The disease progressed progressively, but rapidly, in spite of having applied with obedience all the arsenal of drugs prescribed by conventional medicine, only to leave her confined in a wheelchair. It was at that moment when he decided that the war was not yet lost: we investigated, we avoided the conventional drugs, took the responsibility of his treatment, he changed his style of life and, a few months later, he returned to walking and even bike riding. Before that let us go deeper into what that full remission of his disease tells us of the cancer and all chronic diseases, I advise that you see and listen to this video, where she herself, in one of the TED talks, tells us her story. It is divided into two parts, and is subtitled to the Spanish. It is devastating because of its simplicity and its clearness. The first thing we must understand is that your case is real, found: the medical tests said that progressively would lose functionality and that it was not healing. The doctors said so and repeated monotonously repeating. But they were wrong. The second thing is that his improvement occurred after she took the reins of your life and make the changes that you explained in the video. Watch Dial A Prayer (2015) Free. Therefore, your referral has had to be due to such changes. How different diseases, Some of whom I have commented on this case I have responded somewhat funny: “well, yes, but it is only a case”, I said. That left me perplexed. Does a single case should not moverles, at least, to think about the dissonance between official medicine and that way seemingly ‘naive’ to face the disease and overcome it do you Not feel curious to know more do Not ask themselves how it is possible that the hyper-technological and multi-million dollar machinery of the official medicine is ridiculed by the will and the intelligence of a single person mainly because there is not a single similar case that has managed to beat the disease by applying only the expensive synthetic drugs. What is certain is that the science has advanced throughout history by observing anomalies, as Dr. Fleming could attest: experimentation, observation, establishment of hypothesis and return to start. Even if it is a single case, must serve to develop and test hypotheses that they may bring us nearer to the truth. If we analyze the video and what it says, it will sound familiar to those who have read my post earlier, dedicated to the Ketogenic Diet and the Warburg effect: mitochondria damaged, plenty of glucose, poisonous food western-based grain, inflammation, immune system...that Is to say: the same ingredients appear to be behind two diseases that the medical officer considered to be different. To prove to you that behind the seemingly miraculous recovery of Terry Wahls, there are methods truly effective, should be obtained similar results if these methods are repeated in who suffered from a similar illness. That is to say, the method should be replicable and, therefore, there should be other similar cases. We can go further in the hypothesis and postulate that, since there seem to be similarities in biochemical and physiological background between cancer and multiple sclerosis (the same processes of base altered: inflammation high, mitochondria damaged, altered immune system), we may also find remissions of advanced cancers in people who applied methods similar to those of Terry Wahls. And the there are. Not one, nor two, nor one hundred, but thousands of cases recorded, though not by oncologists who attended previously to these patients and to which desahuciaron. Field studies ‘domésticos'When, down by 2. Any researcher worth his salt should find generalities from individual cases. To rise above the details to get a global vision and develop a hypothesis generic. And only then you must dive into the details of this ‘forest’ to put name and surname to the ‘trees‘ that comprise it.