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Mauritius is A paradise not only for honeymooners. I open my eyes, I'm flying, what I am perhaps a bird I find myself inside an airplane. Do you see my eyes turquoise Waters, it's an island I pinch. What I will be dreaming of Nothing better than a good session of sex in the swimming pool of the house with a unknown good-looking to relax. They cogern of the way ms original. Geologists and urban artists to create the first mural scientific-education of Santiago. Thursday 7th of September 2017. Crafts for Christmas, easily, fun, and with materials of earning money Os animis crafts are a fun activity and helpful to fight. Official website of the University of A Corua. Links to centres, departments, services, plans of studies. Photo: NASA High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment. A new problem is in addition to the hoped-for conquest of mars: besides losing intelligence in the. A book (del latn liber, libri) is a work that is printed, handwritten or painted in a series of sheets of paper, parchment, vellum, or other material, joined by a side (that is. Noemi Durini. Ragazza scomparsa Lecce, il fidanzato confessa: L'ho uccisa ioNoemi, ritrovato il cadavere della 16enne scomparsa Lecce. No I have bought any plane ticket. I do not know how, nor where, nor why I am here. I ask the hostess what is the target and she with a smile from ear to ear he replies: –“You are traveling to Mauritius, welcome”. Nothing happens unless first a dream.” Carl Sandburg (1. Today I bring you a dream in the form of a trip, as not My dreams lately revolve around the search of new impressions, emotions and feelings that I produce the best state of mind that exists, and that is no other than happiness. I am traveling, there is nothing that makes me happier than travel. Ready to start our trip to Mauritius How Mauritius, as Never before, I had thought of as a future destination this place, practically unknown. And whenever I've heard “I'm going on a trip to Mauritius” had been by some friends that they decided to perform there on a wedding trip. If I had asked him before, to define in two words what it is for me to Mauritius, he would have said that couples and honeymoon. Even so, my instinct and my intuition, nothing more put foot on the ground, they said to me here, and that in this journey was to verify first-hand that I was totally wrong. This is not the first time that the stereotypes of a place to make this surprise me, even more, after meeting him in first person. Do you want to join me to enjoy this small and refreshing aperitif on the island of Mauritius, Here you tale, of a single brushstroke, what I have called his attention. Watch Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them (2016) here. With these cocktails, we welcomed and we opened our as good and well-deserved vacacionesblogger Impressions after the Trip to Mauritius. Full story 08092017 Friday Exhibition Leibniz and his little: philosophy and science (1646-1716) As part of the acts of inauguracin de la Ctedra G. W. Rojo Árboles (2017) De Descarga De Vídeo Dimite a mayor of CKD before deciding whether to support the referndum 13092017 17:06:58 The mayor of the municipality of lleida of Ponts alleges causes that affect their lives. Mauritius, Republic of Mauritius, is an island and a country, which is located in the southwest of the Indian ocean, between Africa and Asia. You can place it easily on the map, taking as a reference Madagascar, which is less than 1. Its Capital is Port Luis. Map Situation In Mauritius Takes Note. Mauritius is not only a destination for honeymooners, sea and beaches. It is much more than that... It's Nature: vegetation, flora, fauna, water... Multiculturalism: traditions,rites... Games of lights and colors. Flavors, Curves, peace, tranquility, to the vezquedescarga of adrenaline yemociones. It is everything you want it to be... To know all this , and what is hidden, you must be intimate with the island, and the best way is to soak in the inside of it, don't just rely on their coastal areas. Nothing more to go out of the airport, my five senses were ready and prepared to work at supersonic speeds. I waited for 8 days of travel ahead, to be able to be what I like, a sponge to be soaked to the maximum. Mauritius is...Is nature: vegetation, flora, fauna, water...mauritius is sweet, sweet is his people, and sweet is the whole island itself; The first thing you find, nothing more to immerse you in its winding roads, are precious and endless sugar cane plantations. Note The sugar cane is one of the main economic pillars of the country, after tourism and textile. It takes advantage of virtually all. Its juice is used to make juice of sugar cane and rum. Its leaves to build roofs of hotels and for the production of electricity. Not only does this unique plant will awaken your senses, you'll also find a tree that you have seen in numerous photographs and stories , one of those century-old trees, with multiple branches and roots, that inspire, hide stories and emanates wisdom, the Banyan Tree. The palm trees, the trees that seem to embrace each other, and the flowers of many colors live everywhere. Stop to observe the wildlife and if you can escape to visit some of the shelters where they care for their famous and large land turtles, but yes, we recommend that you do so in enclosures that practice responsible tourism. We were able to see them in the shelter of turtles there are in Chamarel, where we had the feeling that was practiced responsible tourism, as we know that in other centres, even the turtles are mounted. You will not have to go very far to see the scamper of their unique monkeys are all over the island. Shame not to be able to get to know your animal more representative, extinct since the SEVENTEENTH century, an icon of the country and present in all types of souvenirs, the Dodo. Large bird without the possibility of flying, which facilitated its capture. Its waters are a treat for the eye, have a wide range of hues: blue, green, turquoise, and even crystal-clear. Waters that form part of incredible beaches, beaches magazine cover. It is multiculturalism, and wealth : traditions, rites...Possibly the island's most multicultural in the Indian ocean, on her live together in peace and harmony of the three major religions: the hindu, the muslim and the catholic, along with many other more, be tolerant, friendly, and different; These differences contribute to the sum total wealth, wealth in the form of a mixture of cultures and customs. During our trip to Mauritius we discover its multiculturalism. It is Curious that can be intermixed, within the same family, various religions. Each of the members can choose what you want to practice. It's a game of lights, colors. Gives you moments captivating. In it reigns the mixture of colors, colors that are reflected in the personality of those who inhabit it. They are cheerful, vivid, colorful and eye-catching. This is shown by your flag, in which all the colors have their meaning. The color red is a symbol of community, the blue represents the sky and the sea, the yellow the mix of cultures, very present throughout the country and the green of its mountains and trees.