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Telecom Lines and Customer Telephone CLAIMS Telecom is an Argentinean company that provides fixed telephony services in the northern area of the Country. The numbers of customer care of Telecom are put at your disposal to make claims, enquiries or to hire all their services. Telecom has many different channels with which you can communicate with them, the numbers of attention are the following. New watch Ingrid Bergman (2015) Online GameReloj New Ingrid Bergman (2015) Online DatingTelecom Argentina has different channels of communication so that you can clear all your doubts by their fixed-line telephone services, make complaints or ask for technical assistance. By phone you can contact on the numbers 0. Telecom you can call the numbers 1. Telecom respectively. In addition to numbers of attention to the client, you can communicate with them through their other channels of contact. In its institutional web site is available all the information of the company. Promotions, services, and everything related to Telecom Argentina. Check it out here. In its offices strategically located in different points of Argentina you will be able to personally do all the consultations that you need. By chat on their website or by sending an e-mail, all via your official website www. Queries for Telecomyolanda velozonecesito an extension telephone. Bernardo Poblet. Installation of a line and a FIXED appliance (WITHOUT INTERNET) IN MARCELO T. DE ALVEAR 1. 64. 0, BETWEEN RODRIGUEZ PEÑA AND MONTEVIDEO (PARAGUAY PARALLEL STREET) 7 b. Phone ☎ 0800 for CLAIMS and General Inquiries. This is the unique phone number of Telecom where you will be cared for in Seconds for a representative. Before anything, I have to say that the following list is composed of my classical favorites, is not an objective list because I have a weakness for certain directors and. Organization Editorial Mexicana is a media company with a presence in almost all of Mexico. Under his name are grouped 70 peridicos, 24 radio stations and 43 sites. A book, electronic, book, digital or ciberlibro, known in English as e-book, or eBook, is the version or evolution electronic or digital book. RAMONA MARIA FUNESnecesito know which numbers I have to put to be able to communicate with the hotel Imperial Las Perlas in can cun mexico. NORA LIA'S VALLEEstado of line 1. Maximilian. I want the internet comes to my town. Olga Beatriz Antelo. Internet. it would be necessary to be able to zoom in to street diagonal 1. EJM0. 8. NO RESPONSE UNTIL THE DAY OF THE DATE. FROM now on I HOPE to RECEIVE RESPUESTAmario manuel gonzalezdesde the latest storm with date 1. A unique note of JUANJO ALBERTI, from Montevideo. Ll of films with happy the premieres, the matins and the continuing of the rooms cinematogrficas. Reloj Nuevo Ingrid Bergman (2015) Online ' title='Reloj Nuevo Ingrid Bergman (2015) Online ' />Internet. EJM0. 8. NO RESPONSE UNTIL THE DAY OF THE DATE. FROM now on I HOPE to RECEIVE RESPUESTAgasminepara request a telephone line. Mariela murua. I can call so I do not charge the call Flavia. Good evening I would like you please to me explain the amount I have to pay for I figure 8. Telecom separately. Greetings. Javier jacinto. Good day from Saturday October 1, I with claim x line and the internet, claim 3. Graciasdamianx please if you can do incapié in jujuy ,,,for solucionarme the phone I would appreciate. GIRARDI,Walter Nolberto. I need to send me with the utmost urgency the detail of INCOMING CALLS from the line 0. From already thank you very much I get tired of call the 1. GIRARDI,Walter Nolberto. I need to send me with the utmost urgency the detail of INCOMING CALLS from the line 0. From already thank you very much I get tired of call the 1. GIRARDI,Walter Nolberto. I need to send me with the utmost urgency the detail of INCOMING CALLS from the line 0. From already thank you very much I get tired of call the 1. Queen Yolanda. I am claiming and I don't have answers. I am claiming approx. Not works the phone on and arnet. Please I need urgent solution and the next claim, I do consumer advocacy. Thank you very much. Yoli. Makes most of 1. I don't have the phone ,managed a few and to me they got it,the cables hang down almost to the ground. It is a shame the abuse we give ourselves. Rib Elida noemi. Nesecito report q pay my bill on day 1. Carlos Abel Acuña. I got on the answering machine a message from Telecom that says that there is an outstanding debt. I need me to expand the information because I don't know what it is, given that I pay all the bills. My All American (2015) Watch Online Free there. Thank you. Mary Messina. I have made a claim of the line, I don'T have PITCH, therefore not the INTERNET. The N management is: 3. COUON. Please I need urgent to work with the internet. Alice Hilda Silva. Almost everything that has elapsed from the year I spent with no tone at the phone,dumb, and without the internet,I've made the claims when I was able to communicate, but nothing,as a result I want to give it low-urgent. I got tired of paying and not having serviciocelestesilva. Standard. I need to repair my line, and I have no way of communicating with you for the repair of the same. Please I need it for work Thanks Melissa. Hi want to put arnet in my home q cost has. Jorge Peñaquiero to know the amount of the fc. Hi my query is that I pay for the service telecom for 7 days and I still don't have service and I need it because I am disabled and it is my only means of communication thanks. Daniel. In Pasaje Santa Teresita (intersection Facundo Zuviría 5. Santa fe between house 1 and 3 is a post of Telecom is in danger of durrumbarse. Please given the danger that implies I request to proceed to its replacement or immediate solution. Greetings. patricianecesito in character of urgency the rehabilitation of the line which doesn't work 6 months ago but the billing if I arrive on time and I'm paying. María del Carmen. I have blocked the line due to not being paid on time and fit the bill. I've been immobilized for 2 (two) months in the interior, and until the day of today I am in C. A. B. A. I want to know how and where I can pay in cash for the unpaid invoice. Thank you. Lucia of the valley Slope. Good afternoon, I want to find out the status of this account to settle the payment. Carlos Merlo. I need urgent, I will run a post of the company of you. Antonio Insua (client-1. I just received an invoice (7. I want to know why the increase, stated in CONCEPTS ARNET. Dear all, since a week ago that I am calling the 1. NO one responds to the claim. Please ask for, to solve elñ theme of my phone line OVER A WEEK AGO THAT does NOT WORK, and no one is in charge of anything. LINE 0. 11. 47. 99 1. Many graciasmoschen maria del rosarioenviar invoice corresponding to the month September and October. Graciela. RBurman. I am without service tel. And arnet is cut every time I need repair service.