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Thousands of miles from Texas, the images of the destruction caused by hurricane Harvey are constantly appearing on the screens —television, mobile and computer— of my life. Recently, my friends saw on social media the now-famous photo of Logan Wheat. The photo shows the interstate (I - 1. It seems an ocean, he said. It is said that you have to see to believe, and it seems that that phrase has never been more true. New watch Every Wave (2017) Online ShoppingLas images of Harvey have been seen worldwide thanks to the Internet, social networks and the media. Have been a constant source of information for people like me —a texan living in Spain— and also to people around me, who have never experienced a hurricane and have a house and clothes dry; to see the water and the wind that has destroyed towns and cities and they ask me, “how Is your family ”. Being a journalist, I know well the power of pictures and the importance of not only historical memory, but also for the society. Reloj Nuevo De Cada Ola (2017) Online ' title='Reloj Nuevo De Cada Ola (2017) Online ' />Es very difficult to get in a few words what a photographer can achieve with a photo, that has the ability to transport instantly to the people to another place and allows for a few moments, the citizens share the same feeling. A local team of news cubrías the flooding caused by hurricane Harvey in Houston, ...Read more I have worked with several photographers talented in my life, many times shoulder to shoulder, and shortly after began to appear the photos that showed the aftermath that had left the storm, I thought: what would it be like to be behind a camera during the worst hurricane in the history of the united States For this story, I contacted three photographers: one from the Texas Tribune, another of the Austin American - Statesman and one of the New York Times. Two of them are former colleagues of mine from the university. Although each experienced similar conditions to document the hurricane, all took something different from the experience. A photographer decided to point his camera not towards the destruction and the houses are ruined, but to the people affected. Another was astonished to see the solidarity of the people during the storm and realized that, in the end, everyone is fighting for the same thing. Finally, another decided to forget your camera and join a rescue operation. These experiences show that the photographers are not only witnesses of the human experience, but that are, in some way, partakers of that experience while traveling through the city with their cameras. And as the disaster leaves a mark on those affected, also in the people in charge of documenting the destruction. The photos most important are not those that show destruction. When Nick Wagner was traveling from Austin to the Texas border, I didn't think that would end up photographing a hurricane. Wagner, a photographer who often works for the Austin American - Statesman, traveled with a journalist to cover a story on the wall who wants to build president Donald Trump on the state's border with Mexico. The first time that someone mentioned was in 1. A cowboy named Robert Reed described a...Read more “they asked Me on Thursday, ‘are you ready to cover a hurricane, ’ ” said Wagner by phone to Gizmodo in Spanish. His editors sent him to Corpus Christi, a city located at about 5. Harvey. At first, Wagner confessed to be excited and amazed by everything that was happening. Before the storm, he saw a man without a shirt walking around the city and people walking their dogs through the streets. They were waiting for the storm. I've always been fascinated by what you can do the weather,” he said. He was not afraid because I was blinded by the adrenaline that flowed through my body.” However, the adrenaline soon wore off. In a short time the city of Corpus Christi, and the cities around them had changed dramatically. The storm ripped trees from the ground, folded the poles of public lighting, it hit the buildings and created lakes and oceans where before there was land. The next stop working for Wagner was a small town called Refuge, which had suffered a lot more than Corpus Christi. Some commented that it seemed as if everything that was not tied down had been thrown on the streets. It was there that Wagner witnessed a moment that would define their experience with the hurricane Harvey. The women were called Genice Gipson and Loretta Capistran and had been friends for almost all their lives. Biography Movies Watch 5 To 7 (2015) there. Grew up in the same apartment complex, where they played together since they were small. During the storm, Gipson had evacuated to College Station with his mother, but Capistran had been left at a Shelter because they had no money to leave. Capistran hid in a closet of their home when Harvey made landfall. Monday, Gipson was in the Shelter again and found his friend with tears in his eyes. We need to be strong, sweetheart,” he told Gipson to her friend to console her. Wager made a picture of that moment, which has since been reproduced in different newspapers of the country. Even the organization the American Red Cross got in contact with him to use the photo in a campaign. The photographer says that if he had to throw out all their photos and stay only with one, it would be with Gipson and Capistran. There is a time to show the destruction and the great impact of Harvey,” he says. But I think that the photos that matter most are those that show the personal connections, which show how the people deal with the situation.” Although they don't always agree, people are good. Tamir Kalifa drove up to Houston in a flood. Kalifa is a freelance photographer who works for the New York Times, who I met when I worked for the Daily Texan, the student newspaper of the University of Texas. Hi-Def Super Dark Times (2017) Movie'>Hi-Def Super Dark Times (2017) Movie. Has been in Houston since Sunday.