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M want to make one. Miguel Garcia-Lopez on November 13, 2016. Gossiping I have found with the bets on the Oscars 2016 in Luckia and already. For m, before I took it for. But for m is the type of film. Palm trees in the snow: Film and book. Cristina Lpez Apr 20, 2016 Books, Recommended Books 0 Comments. Good afternoon tod s a short time Ago, to me. December 2016. New Latin american Cinema of Havana his new film, no longer is before you. Before you. Film (2016). Will and Lou will be unforgettable for me. The_Gourmet_Detective_Death_Al_Dente_poster_usa.jpg' alt='A Mí Antes (2016) Película En Línea ' title='A Mí Antes (2016) Película En Línea ' />james Cameron thinks that the film Wonder Woman is a step backwards for women. James Cameron has offered his point of view on the success of the film Wonder Woman. Contrary to the praises he has received for a large part of the public and the critics, for the director of Titanic and Terminator, the film represents “a step backwards” for women. As explained by the director in an interview for The Guardian: All the self - congratulations that has been making Hollywood Wonder Woman have been so wrong. Without any doubt, a character is objectified, we are once more to the kind of Hollywood doing my old things that makes always. Cameron then goes on to explain his point of view through another female character, “its” Sarah Connor. While for a lot of people Wonder Woman has been an effort risky by the change of gender in the protagonist of a superhero movie, so the director is not so: I'm Not saying that I enjoyed the movie, but, for me, is a step backwards for women. Sarah Connor was not an icon of beauty. She was strong, a problem, a mother's terrible, and won the respect of the audience. For me, the benefit of such characters as Sarah is obvious. I mean, half the audience is female. With this, James Cameron seems to slip to the beauty of the character of Gad Gadot and the fact that he is a superhero, instead of a real person, it subtracts value and women, “ordinary” can never feel free because they can't relate with the character. Finally, the director was asked why he believes that Hollywood is still so bad at the time of representing women. Cameron does not have a clear: “I don't know. There are many women with power in Hollywood that get to guide and shape the movies that are made. But I can't explain it”. The Guardian via i. United Passions (2015) Streaming. The best songs of the 2. Spain) – The Daily CAV2. Here we do a review of the topics most talked-about this season. Antonio Orozco – My hero In the top. My Hero of Antonio Orozco, a subject that has strength in itself, in its structure, in its own roundness. In addition, this is combined with the fragility of a letter that tells us: “You can, steal all the luxuries that she has, and it would never look like, or a fourth of the wealth that you have”. Vanesa Matín – You've lost who I am The magician of words has become to sneak into our top. You have asked who I am (although he could have done it with other singles such as Complicity or Immune). There is mention of the malagueña that their new album: Munay, continues a consistent line in terms of quality in all the senses. This song in particular, and in its acoustic version, is for me one of the best songs on the album. Special mention to its introduction, almost whispering, in which it seems, is telling us about a story: “You've lost who I am, what I was willing to give, you've lost who you are, the woman you have now in front.” Manuel Carrasco – one x One. There is no doubt that Manuel Carrasco has been and is one of the artists of the year. The singer has not stopped ringing on radio and television. And his album, Dancing in the wind, is always among the most sold. One x one is a cool theme, simple but direct (as everything does), with the chorus you know half (if not all) Spain. In addition, highlight your clip, that looks more like a movie from another century (especially during the first minute, at the station and with the violin playing the melody of the song ” hair”). David Bisbal – Before not. Before not, it is incredibly catchy. It has done that is on top of all of the charts and has become one of the most played songs this 2. In addition, the former triunfito has been in the spotlight this year thanks to The Reunion, and who knows if this has not benefited also in the field of music. Rosana – heaven that you give me The quirky singer-songwriter has become without losing an iota of its essence. The heaven that you give me is an issue before all natural (like your Rosana) and that, in a musical panorama full of artifice, it is always a plus point that makes it stand out. In the heart of the song, we find a certain degree of relativism that we do not sin in excess precisely today: “Not all the winds deserve a flight, not all the prayers deserve to be a God, not all jealousy, they deserve a hell, not all the cold, deserve heat”. This also would be appreciated. Paul Lopez – Children of the verb to love. Another song from singer-songwriter who sneaks into the top. May be, what is certain is that the music industry is putting at risk in this aspect, and the public is recognizing that courage. Children of the verb to love, it is not too much of the rest of the subjects of Paul, but we can not consider this a weak point when the authentic value of the subject is in his letter, and they never cease to surprise us: “No one will shut up the mouth, no one knows of their wounds, suitcase and on a direct course to the Sun. Have burned the clothes, they have learned to dance the life, that they are not robbed of their freedom. They are children of the verb “ to love". Alejandro Sanz ft. Marc Anthony –Let me kiss Let me kiss, is possibly one of the most listened to this year. Latin rhythms are a sure value when it comes to the Spanish public. The chorus is catchy, the instrumentation is relatively well built, and the duet between Marc Anthony and Alejandro Sanz next to the above, ensured from the beginning the success of this song. India Martinez – All it is not a coincidence. All is not chance it is a topic that surprised many (me included) when it was released. India Martinez disassociating itself with him of the ballad and pure, like this, more or less, what is true is that it has managed to reinvent itself, to find new sounds and this is something that you should learn about many artists. Ana Mena – Crazy as I am. Ana Mena has managed to find its niche in the industry due to issues such as What as I or her single most recent: It was. This type of songs, coming to R B, funk... Spain. In addition, when mixed with sounds commercial, depart songs as fresh and fun as Crazy as I am. Diana Navarro – forgiveness. Of all the issues that have crept into the top. Forgiveness is the less commercial, but it should be here by a criterion of quality that is impossible to ignore. The voice of Diana is spectacular and has one of the turns most peculiar that we can find in the country. But always told (and even more so when entering in lists of hits) with the disadvantage of having a certain air of a century past (which however she has always known how to take advantage of cultivating a select audience). On this occasion, has managed to bring those nuances to a ballad very current (and very dramatic) with whose interpretation has made us cry at every one of the television sets that has walked this year. I don't want to say goodbye not to mention, Glory to thee(Rosario Flores), I have a heart(Antonio José), Ever (Monica Naranjo), Since we are together (Melendi), Sincericidio(Leiva), Thank you (Gemeliers), You again (Sweet California ft. CD9), Guess a riddle(Hugo Salazar), How dare you (Morat) and The desire (Dani Martín) who were also in my pools. May 2. Happy new year and thanks to the music, which is one of the best things we have in life. I like: I like it. Loading. Related.