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CHOLOPEDIA today. When the CHAOS and mayhem begin, you know the instincts of primitive humans. Explore the board of Bastian Farre My favorite MOVIES on Pinterest. See ms ideas on Poster star wars, movie Posters and War. User:Jqvt7811. From Wikihealth. Jump to: navigation, search. Contents. 1 studio beats,monster headphones uk,cheapest north face,timbe; 2 timberland bromilly,white. In hours 8 pm in Megaplaza ran the voice that had begun the looting, within shopping centres do not know that was happening inside. In my opinion security does not know what to do and generated the confusion. Within Saga Farabella, the security segment into two parts, while a few asked that they leave others asked them to stay, about 1. A Survival Manual to the CHAOS. Since years I come thinking of what would happen if you unleash a war, or a extremist group takes the local, aca a few measures to take into account. Secure the objective: Women and children ubiquelas to good collection, the testers or the sides of shopping malls if you are on the first floor. In the second story is more likely to find the topics. Safe places where people don't run erasing or that the misfits can't enter are the best options. Organize a plan: If you are in groups (family) to take account of the first locations, indicate where you will meet, and they do not move from this area unless they see a REAL danger (eye REAL DANGER). Against measures: Note that people demonstrate control in a situation, forming a duet to come out to collect information on the situation outside, it is possible that the security does not know what to do, requires that perifoneen and to call for calm, not to evacuate the people until you know that it happens. Those remaining refugees who seek cell phones to call the police or fire department. Execute the plan: Look to the authorities, to organize the people you follow by replicating, to recruit new members to the scout team. Weapons of Defence: In case of LOOTING, a good understanding of the modus operandi, the misfits seek things of value, it is possible to try to steal a cell phone or to the best cards, if you feel that you have cards that can be used, destruyalas. Be safe and secure in the locations of the point 1 will give you an advantage, it's now time to take measures of force in case of an attack, take fire extinguishers or chairs of the probarores as weapons, the keys can be used as point cutting, make a force of containment would prevent the misfits the focus as objectives. In the topics or in the store can close the doors and contain the attackers. If access doors are left stranded, the second step is to block the escalator, when you have less space will be more susceptible to be retracted. Your life is the most important, do not expose, do not try to be a hero, do not leave the group or exit to the open field without knowing which is the true scenario. The situation is REAL, normally the situation is less chaotic than it seems, the day yesterday were a few desaptados they started shouting LOOTING and this generated the panic for almost 1 hour. This attentive to your senses. I hear shots, Screams of mobs All of this will help you take the right steps, and stay calm first of all. A Monster Calls (2016) Ipod Movie on this page. Mega. Square, I have reported that they heard rounds fired by the police, and there the people began to stampede. La decade of the 8. Periods horrible have formed our generation.