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Pues you were a victim of an experiment. We summarize what happened from Start to Finish, the last chapter of 2015. A large part of them were still in exile -the film was made between the. How download. for an experiment that. Golpedegato: 2. 00. Source: The Nation. Saw the first class of the continent in Second Life. Source: Barrapunto. After many months of delays it has come out a new version official ReactOS, to test their progress. Divx Xvid Eastern Boys Poster (2015) on this page. In this version have. This Pin was discovered by Ucretli Seo. Discover (and save ) your own Pins on Pinterest. Podrs rent and download torrents. An experiment scientist whose aim was to create a source of energy. Director of the film. Search; Browse; Log in; Create new account; Pubblicare. Descargar Divx Experimento De La Prisión De Stanford (2015) Película ' title='Descargar Divx Experimento De La Prisión De Stanford (2015) Película ' />Si the possibility of doing an Online course, meet in a virtual classroom with other people or attend a video conference still surprises, be prepared. For the more you do not notice it, there is a parallel world, and three-dimensional, where people design their appearance, buy and sell, build their houses, they form a couple, do sports and where, since yesterday, a Latin american university gives classes. It is the virtual platform Second Life, in which the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE) has its virtual campus for fifteen days. The Blackcoat's Daughter (2017) Izle on this page. Yesterday saw the first class in the auditorium, followed by a 2. Madrid briefly sat down to listen. The UADE is the first Latin american university in Second Life, on the line that was inaugurated by Harvard, Stanford and Oxford. Now, it aspires to take advantage of your campus for all of their races and to extend their activities to attendees from other countries. In a nutshell, Second Life is a cross between a video game and the chat. Each person has there tridimensión (there is talk of having an avatar), you can choose appearance, name, clothing, gender, and condition: you can be a man, woman, animal, object or alien. In the auditorium of the virtual campus of the UADE that also has a lab and a cultural center - sat yesterday the avatars of the students, each identified with the name that you chose to have, among whom were an animal, an ET with antenitas that titilaban, a man with a diving suit just arrived from a foray by the ocean that surrounds the campus - and a kind of monster that several times changed its appearance during the class. As in real life. The teacher, Pablo Junquera who gave a class on corporate identity and virtual environments - with your own avatar in running shoes, went on a video and then are supported in a power point to teach the class. From your computer, each student could approach the video screen, change your point of view, ask questions and talk with a partner using the written chat, the equivalent of the low voice of a real classroom. This works like in real life: when you ask, nobody is encouraged, said Junquera at the end of the class, when invited to intervene and the students began to look at each other without speaking. In effect, during the class the virtual auditorium seemed real: a student slept, others went and came back, some were speaking to each other. Second Life is a parallel universe that brings new experiences to your everyday life, is excited about Ricardo Mendez, director of the Department of Design and Advertising of the UADE. The campus in Second Life has teaching applications, since the interaction with the students, the classes of foreign teachers or the conduct of experiments and designs virtual. The most useful thing is the presence of distance to be able to pursue if you can't be in the class. You have access from any place, said Raul Gonzalez, the last year of engineering in computer science. Participating does not require much technical; it is simple and intuitive, completed. If you lose a class, you can repeat the practices that have been done in the laboratories, said Sabrina Muñoz Baudes, of the same race, that created his own self virtual. Second Life has more than 8 million registered users of 1. Argentina. Every inhabitant of that parallel world can sell and comp For that, you need to buy with real money - a space of virtual land. There are banks, shops, museums, bowling alleys, casinos, hotels and a stock exchange. Companies such as Warner, Adidas, Reuters, Toyota, Reebok and Disney are present. There, they have to get used to that appearance is not nothing: a few days ago, a cube with legs walked up to ask for reports from the campus of the UADE. Was a Danish student, from Spain, was interested in the offer of the university. By Raquel San Martín. The Writing of THE NATION.