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It produces a kind of pride to know that this has been born in Spanish territory, galician, namely, of the hand of the own Vázquez, and the director Pedro Rivero, author of other profanities animals in short as The crisis carnívora (Pedro Rivero, 2. Both extend that fable post - apocalyptic that was Birdboy and turn it into something more profound and accurate, something that has unfortunately gone unnoticed in Donostia, but we get happy here. BIRDBOY Short film Birdboy Short film from Khris Cembe on Vimeo. Psiconautas, the forgotten children maintains the central axis of the short film that precedes it: a love story between the mouse Dinki and the bird Birdboy, two souls destined to meet on an island devastated by pollution and the lack of morality in their animalados inhabitants. Given the obsessive addiction of his peculiar companion to the drug, the mouse will rely on their friends to plan the escape in a boat of that uncertain future, always counting with the addition of junkie kid - bird. This exodus will be found with other subjects condemned as the forgotten children (who have neither father nor mother) who devote themselves to rummage amongst the mountains of waste to find the precious copper, the new gold. All in all, this fable is, as it should be, its moral: a critique of intelligent to the miseries that leaves the consumerism and their total contempt for nature, and people. In his speech, Vazquez and Rivero make references to our reality, more immediate, with acidic doses of humor as happiness over instant to know that your child will study a engineering, that the increase unstoppable in the garbage becomes a playground for those children who are lost or that the purchase - sale illegal is the business most widely used. The style of Psiconautas, the forgotten children is more messy and realistic, with a touch of dark that reminds us to the characters of the facet of artist Tim Burton, as Oysterboy. See Forbidden Films (2015) Hd'>See Forbidden Films (2015) Hd. The eyes black and sunken, the decay of the figure, the sadness of the factions. That kind of characters whose inner world is out of reach, even of themselves, reason for which is sought through drugs (giving meaning to the reference psiconáutica of its title) a response to its own existence. This style is closer to what emo is combined, and this is what genuine, with beings that seem to be straight out of kids ' series in the style of Peppa Pig. The fusion of both creates a strange combination but it works, that will akin to the surrealism that already permeates the world of this fable is post - apocalyptic. It would be almost like a version of disturbed messages ecologists in fantastic worlds of the big japanese animation Hayao Miyazaki, who's seen some curious points in common (or perhaps influences) on items such as the gilded acorns that grow the wood, that in My neighbor Totoro (Tonari no Totoro, 1. Even in the imaginary created in The princess Mononoke (Mononoke - hime,1. Even wanting to look for matches, it is clear that Psiconautas, the forgotten children away from the buenismo Miyazaki to go deeper into the seedy underbelly of society in its relationship with nature, a animation more disturbing and realistic. With this character that we describe, it is certainly black humour that can not be missing. That so free and shameless that well-known Seth Mac. Farlane and his Father of family (1. However, if well Psiconautas, the forgotten children begins with scenes of brilliant samples of this humor (the scene of the child Jesus crying blood is just spectacular), this character is lost as you go along the narration, to stay in something more sober but equally reactionary. The story is more about what aventuresco in and out of comments more related to the fans of the tv series. In this context, it is not surprising, being its antecedent film a short film to whom it gives its title, the character Birdboy is a central element in the adaptation of this graphic novel. And not only the name of the short that preceded it, but it is also responsible for having baptized this story as Psiconautas, the forgotten children. The why lies in his addiction to pills rojiblancas that will take you into parallel worlds and wild, an exercise of this practice that is the psiconáutica that we mentioned before, that is to say, the exploration of the spirit and its processes through the trips hallucinogens, alteration of the conscious state, with the purpose to better understand the environment, the universe and the individual. In effect, Birdboy is not drug in a playful manner but rather as a mechanism to find its place in a world that is not what it used to be after the explosion of a polluting factory. A new space for a new context. So, the boy - bird comes in contact with the nature hidden under the devastation of the island and discover yourself in the vicious black birds that will peck the entrails in some of their hallucinations. In the same way, it seems that this search in its interior, and in the earth, we will find the solution to this reality is suffocating (if there is one really). In short, Psiconautas, the forgotten children goes beyond the animation, the childish and conventional, to enter into a land rebellious and witty, in a proposal brave and radically different to what we are used to in the Spanish production of the genre.