Cult Sci Fi Film A Secret (2015)


MOVIES SCI - FI, IN ORDER TO EAT THE COCONUT. The hiss of Bogart. Science fiction has given birth to numerous stories complex, convoluted plots that appear to be or are a puzzle in which the pieces fit perfectly, others are simple tales in which the complexity has been added in the assembly process. The hiss of Bogart brings you a selection of 1. PRIMERSinopsis: Four men working in a garage building. In part by accident and in part for their expertise. It is a discovery that could change the world, but that. Directed by the new Shane Carruth, Primer is one of those movies that the. However my case is different, or the hatred or love, is. Neither is the movie I create a feeling. The viewer feels. Entertaining. movie to eat from the jar, made especially for nerds. PREDESTINATIONSinopsis: A special agent (Ethan Hawke), a. The last You Saw x 183 hello friends pochocleros, as I see that no one did still take the opportunity to open our appointment. After many years being the great promise of the film. Hank to hidden for. We continue to explore the world of sci-fi. Posted on 28 January 2015. Battle Royale is a classic of cinema, japanese, and already an entire movie of worship. The Fizzle Bomber), an individual. In one of his. travel to the 7. Predestination of the brothers Spierig is a pleasant surprise in the appearance. A curious and. strange tape of science fiction whose message is so crystalline as the water. Although unfortunately not all of it. The script is intended to be complex, "there's no doubt that. CUBE Synopsis: Six people appear enclosed in a complex. Don't know how. they arrived there, but soon discover that they must solve certain puzzles and. An exercise in agonizing, unbearable, uncomfortable, distressing. En 2. 00. 4 Leigh Whannell enclaustró a doctor and a. For no apparent reason, these two people do not know but have something. All. resulted in a surprising end that leaves you speechless. This did the same. Vincenzo Natali, but with six people. By creating an atmosphere. Its minimalist design and its thorough development. A tape that mixture. One direction. that is based on fixed shots, overhead or undercut shots (due to the reduced. Andrew Miller as autistic. THE EFFECT. MARIPOSASinopsis: Evan Treborn, a young man who is striving for. However, you will also discover that any. The film by Eric Bress and J. Mackye Grube is not nothing of another world. What. that happens is that Bress and Gruber us wrapped in a sophisticated thriller. But the message is very explicit: if. The narration is quite simple as to keep interested. Culto A La Sci Fi De Cine Un Secreto (2015) ' title='Culto A La Sci Fi De Cine Un Secreto (2015) ' />Durante my viewing. Donnie Darko by Richard Kelly. AT THE EDGE OF THE. MAÑANASinopsis: In the not too distant future, invades the Earth. The Commander William Cage (Tom Cruise). Then goes into a time loop, in which one is forced. But the multiple battles that pound do. Your partner of. combat is Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), a soldier of the Special Forces. Adaptation of the manga by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. The edge of tomorrow, a film by Doug Liman based on the manga of Hiroshi. Sakurazaka (All You Need is Kill) is primarily a product smart and extremely. Groundhog day, which led to Harold. Ramis, in which Bill Murray relives the same day over and over again. How difficult in. Mr. Liman, that brings. A blockbuster of great. LOOPER Synopsis: As in 2. Loopers, a group of killers, are in charge of. The problem arises when. Joe (Gordon - Levitt), one of the Loopers, receives from the future, a custom very. Free Download The Rat Movie (2017) Movie there. Bruce Willis). Looper part of a Smart premise: a murderer can kill your I's. Rian Johnson, director of Brick, makes this magnificent. Bruce Willis. faces a version more young and innocent self (Joseph Gordon - Levitt). Terminator. In Looper, we find echoes of the. A thriller of time travel that, to blows. An excellent exercise in neo - noir. INTERSTELLARSinopsis: The view that life on Earth is coming to. Cooper (Mk. Conaughey) and. Amelia (Hathaway) embarks on what may be the mission. Interstellar presents something scientifically impossible, which has no cavity. But if it is Christopher Nolan that mounts all this tinglao. The. proposal of Nolan is complex in its development, but in reality, what. Interstellar proposes to us a. EX MACHINE plot Synopsis: A programmer billionaire selects. Caleb, a young employee of his company, to spend a week in a place. Alex Garland, screenwriter of films such as 2. Sunshine and Never. Ex Machina tells us basically that entire class. And that limit is. The director manages with just three characters and. A dark and angsty story futuristic. ORIGENSinopsis: Dom Cobb (Di. Caprio) is an expert in the art of. The. uncanny ability of Cobb has made him a man highly prized in the. Your only chance to. However, their plan is further complicated due to the intervention. Cobb will be able to discover. The dream and the time will unite in a perfect visual composition, to be. But what. that characterizes a specimen of this type, is their condition of treaty oneiric. Nolan seems determined to represent a world that is fluid and unstable. COHERENCESinopsis: In Finland, in 1. Decades later, a group of friends remember this. Coherence is a smart and intriguing story in which the explanations. The film maker is american. Attention is called to. Watch Free Bobbi Jene (2017) more. The. leadership is based on a camera trembling so linked with the film. A detail negative is the annoying assembly. Top movies Science fiction Sensa. Cinema. com. Tadeo Jones 2: The secret of King Midas. Director: Enrique Gato, David Alonso. Cast Oscar Barberán, Luis Posada. Trailer Billboard (3.