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Sea monsters Martians. There are a variety of mounstros that dwell in the depths of the sea, especially in the lakes. American actress I shared a photo of his primognito back but still feels repentant of it. Source and all the different versions of Spider-man throughout its history of publishing. These ruins site remote offer a look fantasmagrica to a world devoid of humans. Their weathered and dark structures inspire a sentimien. The Katanas are a type of japanese swords, but the term has become widespread and is used today for any type of japanese sword. Are. We then describe the most well-known thanks to stories and stories brought from the most remote times. I. sea Snakes. La picture above amazes me whenever I see it, is not too far-fetched. According to NASA, around the Earth's orbit is currently about 5. Colosal (2017) De La Película De La Foto ' title='Colosal (2017) De La Película De La Foto ' />Se know of this monster thanks to the sailors of the SIXTEENTH and SEVENTEENTH century. In the History of the Northern Peoples, Olaus Magnus, 1. In this illustration there is a large snake that catches a shoulder with his powerful jaws. The report's most important a sea serpent gave to 1. HMS Daedalus; they were heading towards St Helena in the south Atlantic. In fact, the sea serpent as such exists, and its scientific name is Hydrophis melanocephalus; it is not of large dimensions, as in the case of the Anaconda (who also dwells in the rivers) that can measure over ten meters. The main reports that have been made in Europe about this monster indicate that the anacondas live in the jungles of Brazil, Bolivia and the Guianas; in addition, the anacondas do not attack the men, and less to the crews. The eel fish which has a certain similarity with the snake— reaches to measure a meter 5. It is out of the question then that it was a giant eel. II. The Kraken. This sea monster is described as a giant octopus. Its name is derived from krake word of scandinavian that describes an animal deformed. Reports of this monster date back to the EIGHTEENTH century in Europe. The marine spoke of an octopus colossal sinking boats; in fact, in the year 1. Norway, there were already reports of sea monsters with these similarities; the name of the Kraken appeared several years after. In 1. 80. 2 the French Pierre Dénys of Montfort, a specialist in mollusks, recognized the existence of two giant octopuses, which he describes in his book natural History general and particular of molluscs. In this work, Montfort quotes the Kraken, which he says, has been reported by the marine norwegians and whalers from America. At the same time talks about an octopus of colossal size larger than the Kraken— who attacked a ship sailing off the coast of Angola. Well ahead of his time, Pierre says that in 1. England mysteriously disappeared and blamed this incident to a giant octopus. For bad luck of Montfort, England clarifies the disappearance of these vessels, causing a serious setback that led him to infamy and ruin. Several years after —in 1. Unlike the squid, the octopus is care. The squid when they are in danger, expel a kind of ink, which darkens the water, allowing them to abscond. In contrast, the octopus is more aggressive and attacks with his tentacles, trapping their prey; it may even change color, turning to a sort of natural camouflage to attack. The octopus can measure up to ten metres. In summary, when speaking of the Kraken may be an octopus or a giant squid. In some reports of this sea monster, no one spoke of a direct attack, but the dive was causing a whirlwind of awesome that was sinking the boats. And in other cases, it is mentioned that the ship was trapped by tentacles giant (octopus) leading to the depths of the sea. All these legends have inspired jules Verne to write in 1. Twenty thousand leagues under the sea submarine tour where he describes a monster similar to a Kraken. It's funny how in the movie, ‘clash of the Titans”, this monster does not present him as a giant octopus (as in the case of the “Pirates of the Caribbean of Johny Deep) but as a kind of gargoyle with four arms, without legs and with fish tail, as if it were a siren. III. Leviathan. Sea monster referred to in the Sacred Scriptures, in Isaiah chapter 2. On that day, the Lord will punish with his sword, terrible, immense, powerful. Leviathan, the coiled serpent. Leviathan, the crooked serpent, and shall slay the dragon that is in the sea”. Many people believe that what is narrated in the Bible happened as such, taken literally, however (to make it clarification), much of what is there narrated —particularly the books of the Old Testament— is in the drapery, in a metaphorical language. What's anecdotal is that the Leviathan appears in other holy books like the Talmud of the jews; hence it is described as a huge monster in the shape of a dragon. Many researchers believe that when we speak of the Leviathan in the Sacred Scriptures, was not to describe a sea monster, but to the wickedness of man that is opposed to God. IV. Giant jellyfish. The medusa has the body gelatinous, with aspect of being an umbrella open. Like the octopus and the squid, have tentacles, which secrete a substance that irritates the skin. The maximum size achieved is of a meter in diameter, although there are some legends where they talk about the jellyfish giant. It is said that in 1. The Full Elian (2017) Movie. Massachusetts, marine found a jellyfish that measured body 2 meters 3. A report of the TWENTIETH century, says that 1. Kuranda travelling between Fiji and Australia was attacked by a jellyfish about 6. The ship Hercules had to reach to rescue them from the monster. Incredible as it may seem, this story, could not be confirmed. V. The loch Ness Monster. Without a doubt, the most famous of all. The legend of the “loch Ness Monster” data for a thousand 5. It is said that the first person he saw that he was a saint named Columba, but before I relate this experience, as well as other cases, it is necessary to give some geographic data of where it is located the lake as well as its main features. The loch Ness is located in Europe, in the north of Scotland precisely, it has a length of 4. The waters of Loch Ness are cold and dark. A diver professional, despite having a powerful lamp, you don't see what there is beyond two meters. The currents are strong, and even it is dangerous to travel over them in a boat; many people have drowned and their bodies have never been found.