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Main Actors: Lauren Cohan, Rupert Evans, Ben Robson, Diana Hardcastle. Genre: Terror. Thriller. Theme: Supernatural. The new film by director William Brent Brell (Stay Alive, The Devil Inside), it takes all the typical elements of any horror film: a mansion house, an imposing and remote, an innocent and unprotected girl and a harmless doll, that hides behind it an intriguing story, and surprisingly, you get these elements make an effective movie. Laura Cohan (The Walking Dead) is Greta, an american girl who arrives at a remote village English where is located the house of marriage Heelshire, who will take a vacation so that they have hired to take care of his little son Brahms, which is actually a doll of porcelain when they should wake up, dress, feed, read poetry and put music at high volume every day as part of a list of regulatory activities that she must follow to keep it in peace. But just the marriage is removed from the house, Greta takes her stay in the house as if a paid vacation were, talking with his twin in the USA, we learned that shuns someone and that has suffered a loss, but the calm soon ends when he discovers that Brahms did not seem to be very happy with their performance, so after a couple of scares, decides to follow the rules to the amazement of Malcolm (Rupert Evans), the young man, who every few days caters to the home and who tells the story of the true Brahms, the son of the marriage Heelshire, who died in a fire some years ago. Although the premise seems a bit far-fetched and ridiculous, the director manages soon to make it believable from the start and taking perfect advantage of each and every one of the elements with which to account to generate suspense, and that atmosphere of the supernatural that the story is accurate in its first half, without being terror full. Images. Technical Information. Format: MKVIdioma Principal: Español Latino AC3 2. Secondary language: English AC3 5. Subtitle: Spanish, English . Srt or Within the Video. Version: Full HDResolución: 1. Approximate Size: 3. Gigas. Duration: 1 hour with 3. Minutes and 4. 7 Seconds. See Links. Password: www. Author's website.